Who are Fatboy Vapes?

    About Us:

    Fatboy Vapes was founded by a group of long-time friends tired of hunting for vaping products they loved.

    Ideas were tossed around about how nice it would be for like-minded people to be able to go to a website and have access to all things vape and pipe related in one place. Think of a Vape store that is also a headshop with a range of items that would meet the needs of vapers and smokers alike and you have Fatboy Vapes!

    Meet the Crew:

  • Ashley, mom, wife, and a vape/420 shop owner who loves being able to help customers find what they are looking for, and making people smile. 
  • John, a gamer, builder, father, husband, and a vape/420 shop owner loves the thrill of the hunt and finding what we need.
  • Henry is an online marketer who loves vaping, computers, gaming, his wife and kids and most of all his dog Gibs! Boy, he loves that dog
  • Mel is a caretaker of the elderly, loves making tornados with her vapor, her husband and kids, and most of all her cat Ms. Kitty!
Henry & Mel Vaping Together Henry & Mel Practicing O's   
Together we make up Fatboy Vapes. 

   The Why:

   Fatboy Vapes wants to give you access to a wide selection of items at the best price possible without judgment or excess fees! We are Fatboy Vapes and we will change the face of online shopping for vaping and smoking products with your help and support!